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15 Tips to keep a beautiful & glowing tattoo

You want to do the tattoo you have been dreaming of for years, but you wonder which cream you need to use to heal up your skin and maintain a brilliant tattoo through time ? We will give you

some tips and tricks to allow your tattoo to keep its shine and color like the first day!


Some information about tattoos

A tattoo consists in introducing a small amount of colored ink under the skin by using a needle. The ink is inserted in a specific area between the dermis and the epidermis. The needle is

introduced from 1 to 4 mm depending on skin types and tattooed areas. Once the wound healed, the transparency of the skin allows the ink and the tattoo to remain visible. 


How to be prepared before the tattoo 

Before going to the tattoo artist you need to be prepared. 

Firstly, rest for the few days before tattooing, this will help your body better manage the pain. If your skin tend to dryness, do not hesitate to moisturize it with a cream. It will prevent skin flakes

and dermatological shocks. 


A few things have to be respected the day before:

  • Do not have a skin deep-cleansed, it could irritate your skin 
  • Do not take drugs that could thin your blood
  • Do not drink alcohol 

Once these advices applied, you are ready to go to your tattoo salon. 


Having a tattoo well cicatrized

To allow optimal healing, you need to take care of your tattoo from the beginning. At the end of the session, the tattoo artist will apply a bactericidal ointment on your skin and a plaster. This will

protect your skin from dust and bacteria in the air. It is highly recommended to keep this plaster for several hours. During this time, you will  have to resist the temptation to see the result or to

proudly show your new tattoo to your friends.

Then remove the plaster. Once the plaster removed, it is possible that the tattoo design is not clearly defined, and does not look like what you expected. Do not worry it is completely normal. You

need to clean the tattooed area to remove excess ink, lymph or blood. You can make this cleaning with lukewarm water, with an antiseptic solution or a neutral pH soap. Be careful not put your

tattoo directly under the water. Rub gently with your hands and let it dry. 

Once the tattoo is dry, you can apply the tattoo cream to moisturize you skin. The cream has to be applied in a thin layer. Gently massage and then remove the excess of cream with a tissue. For

an optimal moisture, you can apply tattoo cream several times a day, until your skin is completely healed (about 10 days).


Having a beautiful tattoo during the healing time 

Your skin will certainly feel itchy during the healing period. Essential rule: do not scratch or rub your tattoo, because it may leave bacteria on your skin. If you want to calm the itching sensation

you can apply an ice pack on the tattooed area. 

It is also possible that some scabs appear through time, do not remove them…

To avoid a distortion or loss of color of your tattoo:

  • Delay you swimming classes of you steam sessions, because a long contact with water of a high humidity rate may remove a part of the ink.
  • Let your tight-fitting clothes in you closet. Loose clothes will allow your skin to breath and heal quicker.
  • Plan afternoon beach, pool or your session in the solar cabin for another day because it is highly not recommended to expose your skin to UV rays. If you hardly need to go out, apply a full screen cream with a high protection on your skin
  • Avoid sport sessions because it could modify the form of the drawing and the color could be alleviate.
  • keep moisturizing your skin day after day 


Having a beautiful tattoo through time

In the long term, you need to protect your tattoo from the sun. Moisturizing your skin will be you best ally for keeping a glowing tattoo. Tattoo Derm 2 tattoo treatment contains powerful

moisturizing agents that soften tattooed skin.


Do no forget that a tattoo will always look better on a well hydrated skin! ;)


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