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Biocyte mask detox® - charcoal mask

Moisture and detox of the skin
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Biocyte Mask detox® is a charcoal mask. It contains cellulose pulp and hyaluronic acid. It moisturises, detoxifies and illuminates the complexion. The skin is rid of impurities. This product reaches 96% consumer satisfaction* !

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Description Biocyte mask detox®

Our skin undergoes various external aggressions (pollution, bacteria, sun...) and internal (bad diet, tobacco consumption...) generating inconveniences such as imperfections and other unsightly pimples.

It is to fight against these imperfections that we have created this charcoal mask.

The charcoal is a beauty ingredient more and more popular. Its impurity absorption capabilities are impressive. This material is charged with positive ions, acting like a magnet, attracting the negative ions contained in sebum and impurities. Charcoal acts like a real sponge. Your skin is detoxified, rid of impurities and more radiant.

The effectiveness of this charcoal mask has been proven (from the first application), through use tests carried out under dermatological control. The study demonstrated a deep purifying effect, detoxifying and clarifying immediately:

- 100% of the testers claimed to have a softer, more supple skin and a fresh complexion from the first application of the charcoal mask.

- 95% felt that their skin looked younger after 14 days of use, with the application of a charcoal mask per week.

* Dermscan efficacy study on Biocyte mask detox, 20 women, D0 and D14.



- Removes impurities: immediate purifying effect

- Moisturise

- Detoxifies and illuminates the complexion


- Black coal and cellulose pulp: porous structure that absorbs and traps toxins and bacteria in excess. Purifies and detoxifies the skin.

- Hyaluronic acid: essential brick of the skin, able to capture up to 1000 times its weight in water. Plumps and moisturises the skin.

- Aquaderm: improves the natural moisturising capacity of the skin. Brings intense moisture.

Directions for use

Apply twice a week, for 20 to 30 minutes.

Attention: Il est conseillé de consulter un médecin ou un nutritionniste en cas de doute sur la posologie et/ou l'utilisation de ce produit. Les informations nutritionnelles peuvent varier selon le parfum du produit.

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