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Chondroïtine Flex

Joint comfort
1 pillbox of 30 capsules

Biocyte CHONDROITINE FLEX® is a food supplement based on chondroitin, an essential constituent of our joints. CHONDROITINE FLEX promotes flexibility and joint comfort thanks to Boswellia.

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Description Chondroïtine Flex

Our body has nearly 400 joints, essential for the body's mobility on a daily basis. Chondroitin, naturally secreted by chondrocytes, cartilage cells, is a constituent of synovial fluid, a substance at the heart of our joints. This synovial fluid is a protective barrier that allows the bones to slide and thus facilitates mobility by giving the joint a great cushioning capacity.

Why choose our CHONDROITINE FLEX ?

Confort articulaire
Joint comfort

Help to regain good joint comfort thanks to boswellia

Souplesse articulaire
Joint flexibility

Promotes joint flexibility thanks to boswellia


Chondroitin is an essential constituent of synovial fluid

Our selected ingredients

Our formulations are developed by experts, from new innovative active ingredients at optimal concentration. Trusting Biocyte means ensuring quality products, because your health deserves the best.


According to the latest INSERM study, nearly one in 2 French people suffer from joint pain, most often in the neck, hip, lumbar or knees. The most common cause of joint pain is too much repetition of the same movement.

Our body is in motion thanks to the joints, hinges that allow the union between two bones without causing friction between them. When joints fail, every movement can become painful and quality of life is often impacted.

The joints are surrounded by a joint capsule, itself made up of cartilage and synovial fluid. Cartilage is a dense, elastic connective tissue, primarily made up of collagen. Its role is the distribution of loads when we put pressure on the joints during a movement. Thus, there is not a single point of pressure when we are standing but an equally distributed load.

Chondroitin, a constituent of synovial fluid

 The synovial fluid is located at the heart of the joint capsule and has the role of absorbing shocks during body movements. It is in this fluid that the chondroitin molecules are produced by the chondrocytes. Chondroitin helps maintain osmotic pressure within the cartilage and therefore preserve lubrication and hydration.

The secretion of chondroitin decreases with age, leading to the development of joint problems.


Boswellia is a plant native to India known for its joint properties. Indeed, it supports the flexibility, suppleness and comfort of the joints.


- Promotes joint comfort thanks to boswellia




Directions for use

Take one capsule per day in the morning for 1 month.


Ingredients: Chondroitin-based complex (sodium chondroitin sulfate; emulsifier: fatty acids; phosphatidylcholine); Capsule shell (gelatin; coloring agents: iron oxides); Maltodextrin; L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C); Olibanum Boswellia serrata oleoresin extract; Anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, talc; Manganese gluconate.

Food supplement based on chondroitin, vitamin C, manganese and boswellia extract. A food supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children. Not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, without the advice of a health professional. Prolonged use not recommended (boswellia). Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.



Nutritional values per recommended daily dose (1 capsule)

Vitamine C …………………………………………………. 24mg / 30%VNR

Manganèse ……………………………………….…………0.6 mg / 30% VNR

Chondroïtine sulfate de sodium …………………………………..150 mg

Extrait de Boswellia …………………………………………………..…. 20 mg









Attention: Il est conseillé de consulter un médecin ou un nutritionniste en cas de doute sur la posologie et/ou l'utilisation de ce produit. Les informations nutritionnelles peuvent varier selon le parfum du produit.
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