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Collagen Thé Matcha Anti-Age

Anti-aging and well-being
1 box of 10 sticks

Biocyte Collagen Thé Anti-âge® combines well-being effect of matcha tea with anti-aging benefits of collagen. With 5g of collagen per cup, the signs of aging are delayed and the skin smoothed.

Proven Efficacy* on collagen :

of procollagen
Of wrinkle volume

* Results at 8 weeks, compared to placebo. Study on the volume of wrinkles of 108 subjects

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23,80 € tax incl.

Description Collagen Thé Matcha Anti-Age

Biocyte innovation, Matcha tea with collagen.

Rich in biopeptides of collagen and from real powder of matcha tea, the Collagen Tea Matcha Anti-age brings a real boost of youth to your skin. The stick format allows you to take it everywhere with you and enjoy it at any time of the day.

Lack of energy at work? Endless meetings? Marked skin ? It's for you !

Why choose our Collagen Thé Matcha ?


Real Matcha tea inside, for a cup of serenity

Rides Lissées

Proven efficacy on collagen, the skin is brighter and sign of age are delayed

Cell protection

Matcha te ais a great source of antioxydants, fight against skin aggression

Our selected ingredients

Our formulations are developed by experts, from new innovative ingredients with optimal concentration and proven effectiveness.

Trusting Biocyte is making sure to use products of quality, because your beauty deserves the best.

Collagen Biocyte matcha tea is the combination of real Matcha tea with hydrolysate collagen, for a double anti-aging and well-being action.

Collagen Hydrolyzate

Collagen represents 30 to 35% of the total proteins of our body. Its main role is to ensure the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of cellular tissues. With the years passing by, the production of collagen decreases and the skin gradually relaxes. This is called the aging process of the skin.

To prevent the appearance of deep wrinkles, collagen can be brought in the form of supplements.

Indeed, a collagen supplementation can reactivate the body's natural production to prevent skin aging.

We propose a triple action through our collagen: act on the depth, the volume of the wrinkles and the secretion of procollagen.

Why did we choose a collagen hydrolyzate? As you may know, collagen is a large molecule. Because of their configuration, it’s hard for our body to deal with large molecule, so they often are excreted without being assimilated. The constituent peptides of our collagen are hydrolyzed in order to reduce the molecule size and facilitate their absorption, for tenfold effects.

Collagen has many other applications, particularly joints and bones health. If that is what you are you looking for, our Collagen Flex is for you 


motoki-tonn-tJ6GNCJ1gyM-unsplash (1).jpg

Matcha tea

In Japanese, "cha" means tea and "ma" means powder, so the word matcha literally translates to green tea powder. Unlike other teas, here the whole leaf is ingested as a powder, making it a very powerful green tea.

For the record, matcha tea was discovered in the 8th century by Chinese Buddhists Chàn. They have discovered that tea leaves can be ground to give a nice drink while preserving the many nutritional qualities of tea. This way of consuming tea has naturally integrated their habits of life. Could this be the secret of their legendary serenity?

Since then, this green drink, more and more famous, has spread throughout the world.

The matcha tea culture is a picky process. The first step is to grow the tea, well in the shade to stimulate the production of chlorophyll, the secret for a beautiful green color. Then, the tea buds are picked, steamed and finely ground. The last step is tasting, where the matcha tea powder is mixed in hot water to give a frothy drink.


Matcha tea, friend of your skin

Compare to other teas, Matcha tea is richer in antioxidants. Who says anti-oxidant says protection against free radicals and oxidative stress. This gives the skin protection against external aggression like pollution. The antioxidant virtues also have the power to oxygenate skin cells

An anti-aging action? Of course, when we know that 90% of wrinkles are due to external aggressions of the skin. To protect one's skin from aggressions is thus to reinforce one's capital for a skin preserved in the long term.

A natural taste

We have selected Camelia Sinensis L. matcha tea powder to help you discover its authentic taste. To give it sweetness, we opted for natural aromas of cherry blossom. An alliance that melts in the mouth, to enjoy hot or cold according to your mood and the weather.


- Smoothed wrinkles and anti-aging thanks to collagen

-Antioxidant action thanks to matcha tea



Matcha tea

Directions for use

Dilute 1 stick a day, in a large glass of water, hot or cold, and mix until completely dissolved.


(1 stick): hydrolyzate of collagen 5 g (of which hydrolysate of fish col¬lagene 2.5 g); Maltodextrin; Matcha green tea leaf powder Camelia sinensis L. 400 mg; Natural aromas ; Anti-caking agent: magnesium carbonate; Sweetener: Steviol glycosides.

Attention: Il est conseillé de consulter un médecin ou un nutritionniste en cas de doute sur la posologie et/ou l'utilisation de ce produit. Les informations nutritionnelles peuvent varier selon le parfum du produit.

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By on 02 Feb. 2021 (Collagen Thé Matcha Anti-Age) :


The best collagen by biocyte with extra anti-oxydants. I really saw improvements in my skin. The taste is natural and to me works in perfection.

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