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Biocyte Cosmetic Range

EXPERT IN NUTRICOSMETICS - Food supplements for beauty, aesthetics and health
Sale! Pack Gamme 45+ ® - comprimés + gélules View larger

Range 45+ ® Pack - capsules

1 box of Microlift® (60 capsules) + 1 box of Microlift Nuit® (60 capsules) + 1 free box of Glycalift ® (60 capsules)

Range 45+ ® is a complete beauty program for mature skin: it diminishes wrinkles, fights against the loss of density and suppleness and limits skin slackening.


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Description Range 45+ ® Pack

Expert in nutricosmetics, Biocyte Laboratory introduces its first Global Beauty Program 45+ specifically designed for mature skin types.

Our skin consists of three essential building blocks:

- collagen, which ensures skin density and resilience

- elastin, which guarantees cutaneous elasticity and suppleness

- these building blocks are bound together, thanks to hyaluronic acid.

After the age of 45, a twofold phenomenon takes place.  Not only does the production of these three essential building blocks slow down, but accumulated glucose adheres to collagen fibers, causing them to become rigid and preventing their renewal process: glycation. Expression lines are more and more pronounced. The skin becomes dry and dull, losing its supple and firm qualities. 

Slow down the aging process in 3 steps, with the Global Beauty Program 45+.


- Hydration and Firmness

- Regenerated skin

- Rejuvenation and anti-oxidation action


Active Ingredients:

Microlift 45+® 
Contributes to hydration, cellular regeneration and to improving and firming skin texture

Microlift Nuit 45+®
- ZINC: Helps protect cells against oxidative stress
- VITAMINS B3 AND B9: Helps to reduce fatigue
- Zinc and Vitamin D3: Help ensure normal skin functioning

Glycalift 45+®
- Rosmarinic Acid
- TERMINALIA CHEBULA : Provides cellular protection by reducing signs of aging, promoting rejuvenation and anti-oxidation action
- Riboflavin, Niacine and Zinc : Help ensure normal skin functioning
- Riboflavin, Selenium, Manganese and Zinc : Help protect cells against oxidative stress

Directions for use

Microlift 45+®
2 tablets per day, with a large glass of water. Use for 3 months.

Microlift Nuit 45+®
In addition to the Microlift 45+ treatment. 2 capsules per day, with a large glass of water. Use for 3 months.

Glycalift 45+®
2 capsules per day, with a large glass of water. Use for 3 months.

Who is it for?
The Global Beauty Program 45+ is specifically suited to mature skin, 45 and over. The Range 45+ ® Pack works in 3 phases to inhibit the skin aging process:
1 - Moisturizes
2 - Regenerates cells
3 - Rejuvenates skin


Microlift 45+:

Nutritional values per recommended daily dose (2 tablets):

Hyaluronic Acid200 mg
Fish elastin
160 mg
Ascophyllum nodosum extract66 mg

Microlift nuit 45+:

Nutritional values per recommended daily dose (2 capsules)

L-arginine150 mg
L-cysteine150 mg
GABA101 mg
Hyaluronic Acid100 mg
Zinc10 mg / 100% NRV*
Niacin (Vitamin B3)16 mg / 100% NRV*
Melon fruit extract0,67 mg
    of which Superoxyde dismutase (SOD)60 IU**
Folic acid Vitamine B9)200 μg / 100% NRV*

Glycalift 45+:

Nutritional values per recommended daily dose (2 capsules)

Myrobalan chebule fruit extract (Terminalia chebula)200 mg
L-carnosine200 mg
Rosemary leaf extract (Rosmarinus officinalis)150 mg
    of which rosmarinic acid12 mg
Selenium50 μg / 91% VNR*
Niacin16 mg / 100% VNR*
Zinc10 mg / 100% VNR*
Manganese2 mg / 100% VNR*
Riboflavin1,4 mg / 100% VNR*
Thiamine1,1mg / 100% VNR*

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values
** ** International Unit "

Attention: Il est conseillé de consulter un médecin ou un nutritionniste en cas de doute sur la posologie et/ou l'utilisation de ce produit. Les informations nutritionnelles peuvent varier selon le parfum du produit.

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